If people had to choose a color based on their origins, Greeks would most definitely choose blue, and it’s shades. The endless blue sea that surrounds us has a major impact on our personalities. We literally live and breath for the summer to come and many of the Greek artists (including people in fashion) find their inspiration on the fourth element (water). It’s well known that Greek fashion designers find their way to global fashion markets more easily through their summer collections. Imagine what happens when one of the most famous photographers we have in our country decides to become involved with fashion and for a noble reason. It’s a sold out affair!

Marina Vernicos brings out her passion for the Greek sea in her photos better than anyone. Only by looking at them, you get the feeling of floating in the water. Carrying one of Creaid’s pouches it’s far more than a fashion statement. It’s art. It’s an act of kindness and solidarity since Creaid donates its profits for feeding the least fortunate children in Greece. Children with enough to eat is something which, until recently, was considered a given. It’s great to see people use their talents to help others. A ray of light in such hard times. Well done!

Juicy Couture: bikini
The lucky bag: pouch

Photographer: Martha Amaxopoulou