I love stair-cases for two reasons. They resemble life in so many ways. You have to strive your way up and it takes time. On the other hand, the way down is quick and dangerous. The second reason, why i love stair-cases, is because they form a helical twisting most of the times, and that is pure art!
The original idea for this photo shoot was to match the 60’s inspired Louis Vuitton resort collection (soon to become classical) with something that has already become classical and has proven its value over the years. The candidates where many but this building was just the right place to do it. The flares, the chains and the paisleys were absolutely matching the invasion of the spiral stair into the strict architectural lines of the building. This was a definite “stare”-case…

Louis Vuitton resort 2016

Photographer: George Santamouris

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