In One Piece

It’s been already three years since one-piece swimsuits reinvented themselves and invaded our lives. During this period, my personal feelings towards this fad went through several stages of intensity! At first, i thought it was just “a thing of the moment” and just turned my head the other way. As the trend was growing stronger, I said to myself: “Ok, i will wear them as an after-swim fashion-statement beachwear!” It took me three seasons to finally fall in love with them. I figure that its their multiple uses that intrigues me the most. These two are my utmost favourite this summer and they come from a Greek designer that i admire a lot. What makes them so special is that their cuts are of course, sexy yet sophisticated and chic. Enjoy!

Sophie Deloudi ss 2016 (Swimsuits)    Marina Vernicos Collection (Silk Scarf)    Miu Miu (Sunglasses)

Photographer: George Santamouris

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