Memories compose what we are. Emotions, smells and snapshots of our past, delicately became through the years, what surrounds us today. But what started all that? It was undeniably, LOVE!
What defines us today is mostly the amount of love we received and gave. The odd thing is that we keep forgetting the importance of love. We keep forgetting those very first moments, those very first feelings that gave life to something greater than anything we have ever experienced before: the one and only Love of our Lives.
Every know and then, we owe to ourselves to refresh our memories, and Valentine’s day is a great opportunity to do so. Celebrate love with Links of London and share “The moment you knew”. Become part of this “love-speading” by visiting and you might win something that will always remind you of that moment. Keep the sparkle alive, don’t keep the memories hidden.

Links of London (Bracelet)    ZARA (Blouse)   Sonia Rykiel (Hot Pants)

Photographer: JDK

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