I am Greek. Therefore i tend to stick up for anything greek that makes me proud and be extremely skeptical with anything greek that is offhand and does not fit the ancient greek standards which are of course minimalism and grace! In this annual seven day trip to Mykonos i came face to face with both these aspects of Greek reality. For those of us who have been travelling to this iconic greek island for more than a decade things are totally different nowadays. Mykonos the last two years barely reminds us the place we once knew. Still a beautiful island with the most amazing beaches but with an overwhelming luxury that strikes to the root anything primitive and unpretentious. I have to admit though that the years of touristic knowledge and the good taste of the Mykonians have successfully incorporated extravagance in a way that only those of us who know this island for years can notice the change.
Except for Mykonos becoming a worldwide luxurious summer destination, it has become at the same time a summer resort showroom and the best place for greek designers to show to the world that this might be a small country but the talent overflows! A typical case of a such “overflowing talent” and a reason for me to be a proud Greek, is Callista Crafts. Hand-crafted leather goods that fulfil any need for minimalism and grace with their ultra-glamorous details and retro-cool shades. Since the upcoming season is all about accessorising in a leather way, timelessness and elegance should be the ones you are looking for. I found it all in leather a shoulder bag!

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