Seven in Heaven

“One week in heaven”. My holidays in Paros island described in five words. That place is magical and there are not enough words to describe Seven Santa Maria Hotel and the great hospitality i received. Situated on one of the most beautiful beaches, only seconds away from the sea, you could hear the lapping of the waves from your pillow. Luxury in its true meaning. Nothing overrated or overdone. Pure and simple things provided in the best way possible. Only one colour could describe my feelings for my days spend in this heavenly place…RED
(P.S. I am so proud of my friend and the mastermind of this hotel project. She proves that a successful mother and wife can equally become a successful business woman without losing a bit of her devotion. Well done G!)

Oysho (long red dress)    Ancient Kallos  (white dress)      Solange (sandals)    Marina Vernicos  (scarf & pouch)  Di Gaia (high heels)

Photographer: GDK

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