I am one of the three daughters of a mother so obsessed with wellbeing that since our earliest years she insisted that wellness should be a part of our every day lives. This included exercising at least three times a week and eating healthy, home-made food. Up until today neither me nor my sisters ever regretted the time we spent – and continue to do so – on physical exercise. Above all, we learned that discipline and hard work should be prime guidelines in our lives. For me and my youngest sister that still live in our homeland, those principles where always part of our characters but never really faced the need to impose them strongly in our lives. Visiting my middle sister in Lausanne, who has made her home there for the last five years, made me realise that without these two “ingredients” she would have never succeeded. Leaving a secure future as a bank employee for a risky and unpredictable present in a foreign country as a master trainer in pilates seemed like a crazy thing to do. But she attempted it and she DID IT! I’ve been a pilates freak for at least seven years now and had never had a session with her! This was my first time at Vivid Pilates and she was a revelation. She is the best! Pilates is all about the instructor – if the instructor is simply good, the exercise is simply average. Her style is calm and infectious. She possesses the rare combination of a deep knowledge of her craft with a natural ability of passing it on. If you ever find yourself in Lausanne pay a visit at Vivid Pilates Studio. It’s definitely worth it!
P.S. No need to say that our outfits where picked out carefully… starting from the socks…
Plus she is in the second trimester of her second pregnancy!

I am wearing Abercrombie & Fitch / Vivica is wearing Lululemon

Photographer: JDK

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