Becoming a mother gave me the opportunity to experience unconditional love. Being a working mother (the last three years) gave me the opportunity to experience my super powers! Yes, it is actually true. I always secretly wanted to become one of the Fantastic Four, and I finally made it.
So, what happens when your child doesn’t have school but you still have to work? Easy. You just take your child with you! Especially if this child is a girl that loves clothes and dressing up, and her plan for the future (at least for now) is to become like you, this solution seems Devine. Naturally, F has a strong opinion and a taste of her own (she is my daughter, after all!) and that complicates things even more. What saved us from wasting time arguing on what she should wear and how to combine it, was that we had some amazing outfits to wear.
Concluding, I won’t say that it was the easiest day of my life, but the truth is that we spent a lot of time together laughing and having fun and she finally understood that what I do is not as easy as she thought.

Manila Grace (total)

Photographer: George Santamouris

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