Fishing skills for fashion lovers? Might look abstract but not as irrelevant as you might think. Imagine yourself this fall, in front of fashion’s must-have tank, from which you are fishing randomly. As a good and experienced fisherman would do, you should “catch and release” with certain criteria: what will “stay” and what will “fit”. For the “staying” part, layering is nonnegotiable, only this time try to reverse the way layers were put together until now. T-shirt under anything is not an option unless you stuff a lingerie piece in between. Lingerie on top of everything is the new reality. I am not that bold nor that much of a fashion victim, so i went for the non risky triptych “sweater-lingerie top-t shirt”. As for those last season’s culottes, i’d say it is a catch you don’t want to release, and if by any chance a velvet jockey gets caught in your fish hook, grab it immediately. New things coming up next week, until then…keep fishing!

REBECCA TAYLOR  (Blouse)  Wildwood  (Cullotes)   H&M (Lingerie Top & Hat)  Christian Louboutin (Shoes)

Photographer: George Santamouris

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