Dark Attack

I have some verbs to share with you: love, cherish, adore… a phrase: can’t-do-without… and one and only color that follows these: Black! Do I have a case here? Does anyone object to that?
Black is a well-known winter color that took over our summers and we are so happy and thankful for it! Nothing matches more perfectly a tanned body than black, and nothing will ever combine more successfully in one garment, luxury and comfort at the same time.
If you add to this reliable choice, a backless top, then you have an endless true love story that bits anything. As for 2016’s norm that calls for shoulder and waist cut-outs, i only have to say that I will for ever and ever remain a faithful “open-back” supporter!

Manila Grace (total)     TOMS sunglasses   Christian Louboutin pumps

Photographer: George Santamouris

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