Long lasting friendships and everlasting loves are rare, if not almost impossible. The timing has to be right, you have to put in a lot of effort and you can never be sure if they are going to last. If you overcome these obstacles and you are lucky enough to have found someone who is willing to walk with you down this “bitter-sweat” road, then you have most probably found a lifetime companion. These little “miracles” in life can not go unnoticed. We have to celebrate them and the best way to do so is with style and elegance. Links of London Friendship bracelets symbolise this bond between friends in the best possible way.  As a woman addicted to fashion, I could not think of anything better than a simple, yet precious piece of jewellery!

We decided to celebrate Links of London ‘s tenth anniversary since the launch of their very first friendship bracelet, with a small excursion in the greek countryside. We became closer and had so much fun. Precious moments that give a different perspective to possible new friendships. When it comes to friends, “the more, the merrier”, it is!

Links of London (bracelets)

Photographer: Nikos Anagnostopoulos

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