As summer is approaching, instinctively our bodies and our minds are drawn to the sea shore. Anything that is highly connected to our interpretation of summer, becomes a necessity. That’s all great when you live by the sea or you are on vacation. But how you manage your “i-want-to-leave” increasing desire when the weather calls for a swim or just a coffee by the sea and you are stuck in the city centre? I know a few things that will lift your spirit up. Bright colours and “cool” places for example. Fluorescent hues are back from the glorious 80’s in a new more luxurious way, while luxury and long-lasting “qualities” are the “cool” things to pursuit. In an extremely warm, spring Athenian morning, i had the pleasure to experience a combination of all the things described above in one of the most iconic hotels in Athens, the Grande Bretagne. I worn my equally iconic Skirt and spend a sun-proof day in the “coolest” place ever. Enjoy!

P.A.R.O.S.H (total outfit),   Alexander Wang (shoes)

Photographer: Shot By Gio

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