Every year, when October comes, in a small village in Northern Greece named Krocus (Crocus), the fields become bright purple. A very precious and delicate flower blooms in this small part of the earth only once a year. Crocus’s (saffron) stigmas are so precious (for one kilo of stigmas, 150.000 flowers are required), that “Earth’s Gold” was not a surprising title. The blooming of crocus lasts for only twenty days and during those days the cultivators collect the flowers one by one and very carefully. At the end of each day, the fields look absolutely bare. Magically though, the next morning the fields look like a purple sea again.
After the flower is collected, the women of the village have to segregate the stigmas from the petals and leave the stigmas to dry normally, so that all its characteristics stay unspoiled.
Crocus is well known from the ancient years, for its antioxidant properties. KORRES team has successfully achieved to enclose all these qualities in an exquisite bottle. The new Golden Krocus / Ageless Saffron Elixir by KORRES is a precious and powerful elixir of timeless youth for all type of skin and age. I tested it myself and even though i have an atopic (prone to allergies) skin, the experience was highly relieving. As a “primer” product Golden Krocus has the ability to boost anything that is placed above it and gives a velvety texture to the skin. Only when you try it, you’ll understand why GK is #MorePreciousThanGold !

KORRES Golden Krocus Elixir

Photographer: Dimitra Spiropoulou

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