When i chose to have children i decided that this would be a full time job in which i should not only be good, i should be excellent! I quit my job (as i was not a typical career woman), and dedicated myself in raising my two kids. Some might “accuse” me for being traditionalist, but what can i say…when it comes to raising kids, i am old-fashioned. In everything else, i just love fashion. As the years went by, i reached a point in which i felt that my job was done. The kids where clearly mentally and emotionally healthy, had received tons of love and millions of hugs and i had to find a way to make sure that, in the near future, i would have a life of my own. So, i started working again. I never stopped being a mum. I still cook every day, make the beds, help my kids with their homework and work at the same time. Pretty much what every Wonder Working Woman does, plus the benefit of a clear consciousness. Cheers to all WWW!

MONOCHROME  (jacket & trousers)   ZARA  (t-shirt)

Photographer: George Santamouris

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